Friday, February 16, 2018

Claire Delacourt Pre-Sale (And Fantastic Box Set Opportunity)!!!

This is really exciting!

As you may know, my Banshee Creek and Main Street Witches series have had a back-story mystery bubbling in the background. In the last Main Street Witches book Claire, Delacourt arrived in town ready to take this on...with a little ghostly help from Banshee Creek's friendly neighborhood ghost, Cole Hunt.

Claire and Cole are now getting their own series and, as you might expect, it has all the typical humor, magic, romance and mystery of the Banshee Creek and Main Street Witches series. It does, after all, have a badass necromancer witch, a gorgeously grumpy ghost and a snarky hellhound Chihuahua. However, it also has a lot more action and a somewhat more serious tone (well, as serious as you can get with Pookie the hellhound Chihuahua around).

So the new series will have a different type of cover than my usual books. It will look more Urban Fantasy than Cozy Mystery.  I'm also putting it in the Supernatural Suspense genre AND it's going on a box set with twenty-three other supernatural suspense books. Yes, TWENTY-THREE.

The box set will come out in August, and it will be available on all platforms (not just Amazon), so it will NOT be available on Kindle Unlimited.

You can pre-order it for $.99 on 
Barnes and NobleKoboAmazonand iTunes
 today.  I hope you enjoy this one!


  1. I'd like to pre-order it, and will as soon as it's available on Amazon.

  2. Can't wait until it's available on Amazon!

  3. Only use Amazon...eagerly awaiting!

  4. when will the amazon pre order be available thanks enjoy your stories