Friday, September 1, 2017

Witch or Treat is Out!!

I have a new short story (and a new series) in the new Witch or Treat paranormal cozy mystery short story anthology. 
The anthology is out today and will be $.99 for a limited time (snatch it while it's hot!). It's also FREE on Kindle Unlimited.
My story is The Mystery of Halloween Mask and it stars Dora Pendragon, the keeper of Banshee Creek's Magical Mystery Shoppe. 
Never heard of that shop? Not surprising. It wasn't there yesterday...
Dora is in a race against time when a cursed mask disappears from her shop on All Hallow's Night. She has to solve the mystery of the mask's curse and bring it back before its magic causes irreparable harm
To celebrate the new release, I'm hosting a Facebook giveaway. Check out on my page!

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